Technical Failure

It’s not going to be very often that you hear me refer to something Charles Poliquin says as a positive, but there’s at least one concept of his I really love – technical failure.

Reps stop counting once your form breaks down beyond a defined technical standard. For example, that’ll be bouncing or bum lifts on the bench, not breaking parallel with your squats, or not getting your chin over the bar for chin ups and pull ups.

So no more of this…

Or this…

I don’t care about how many reps you do, I care about how many GOOD reps you do. Cheating yourself achieves nothing else other than feeding your ego. The more you cheat to beat your previous times/lifts/scores, the more you have to do it to continue ‘progressing’. It ties back to the mechanics + consistency = intensity plan and deviating from that is a slippery slope, and one that ultimately leads to stunted progress, disappointment and injury.

So don’t do it. Sometimes you’ve just got to ‘punch the clock’ during your workouts, but each time you show up and get your work done, you can be sure it’s building towards something bigger – achieving your goal!!


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