Why I Do It

I give out about boards.ie quite a bit. There’s a lot wrong with it, and it breaks my heart at times. But every now and again I remember why I post there. I got this in a private message yesterday…

“I don’t post on the [boards.ie] health and fitness forum, but I read it everyday. I have been following the advice you give on weight training and especially on fitness training when it comes to training with a heart rate monitor. Anyway since I started following the advice you were giving others, I have lost two and a half stone and regained my place on the rugby team. It might seem odd to you but I credit my change in weight and fitness down to you shooting down the bullsh*t and putting up serious good advice in the various threads. Thanks I enjoy reading your advice”

As I said in response, the reason I do this stuff is because I care. I put the information out there, but it’s up to you to follow it. For my personal training and group classes I feel an obligation to help with adherence and sticking to the program as much as I can, but ultimately, your results will directly correlate to your commitment levels. It’s a pretty liberating revelation knowing that it’s one of the few areas in your life you have absolute control over. Find a trainer you trust, do what they say, and reap the results. Simples!!

I consider improving body composition, toning up and getting stronger or fitter a relatively simple proposition. It’s HARD, but it’s not complicated. At least, it shouldn’t be… If you want to hear complicated topics distilled down into small understandable bite sized chunks, you’re in the right place. The advice you see posted on the blog, or my forum posts on boards.ie will apply to almost everyone. But if you want a more specific or tailored approach, please get in touch to take place in one of my personal or group training programs.


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