Quick Tips – Volume 3

Push something, pull something, do something for your legs… and do it 2-4 days per week.

If you just based your workout around those three simple things, you’d probably be more healthy, have increased injury resistance, be more in balance and achieve your goals faster.

It’s simple, it’s VERY quick, and it’s “functional” in the strictest sense of the word.

If you’ve a bit more time… double it. The general structure has been heavily influenced by Mike Boyle and Informed Performance, but it’s a good system and one that stands, so I’m gonna share it.

The Template
Warm up: do 1 corrective hip, and 1 corrective scapulothoracic exercise
A1) Push something (bench, push up, dip)
A2) Pull something (pull up, chin up, lat pulldown)
B) Legs (squat, split squat, lunge)
C) Core (plank variation)
D1) Push something (press, push press, dumbbell press)
D2) Pull something (inverted row, dumbbell row, cable/band row)
E) Legs (deadlift, stiff leg dead, trap bar dead)
F) Core (rotational, crunching, whatever)
Cool down: do 1 corrective hip, and 1 corrective scapulothoracic exercise, different to the warm up

Short on time? Just drop out D1, D2, E and F. First option should take 45ish minutes, second will take around 90. Do it 2-4x per week. Simples!!

It’s a general program that’ll get you stronger and more “toned”. If you’re looking to do something specific like increase your squat, bench press and deadlift I’d recommend a different avenue (one which you can expect a blog post about very soon!!). But for 90+% of the population, the above is absolutely perfect.


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