Personal Training

You deserve personal training that’s truly personal. I believe my clients want the whole package – the guidance and coaching to help them achieve their goals, to look, feel and move better, and to undo all the damage that’s been done up until now by poor dietary and exercise choices.

Holding with my truly personal approach, I’ve provided a number of options so you can choose the best fit for you while working with me:

Personal Training on a one to one basis
Semi Private Training with friends or like minded individuals
Online Training and programming 

The self determination theory essentially states that if someone feels like they’ve a hand in their journey, they will ultimately enjoy more success (be it educational, work related or in the realm of health and fitness). During your time with me, I want to be an educator – to teach you about your body, what works, what doesn’t and how to turn on your bullsh*t detector so you’re not sucked in by the thousands of fitness scams and superlative promises that exist on the market today.

Regardless of package, every client will receive consults and information on the mobility, strength and conditioning aspects of my program and how they feed into better body composition (how you look) and better performance (be it from a sporting aspect, or just being able to go about your day to day life better – eg not getting winded walking up the stairs!!). On top of that, there will always be an individual custom dietary and nutritional needs assessment before the commencement of any program. It forms the back bone of your results, and any trainer not providing this service should not be worked with (incidentally this is one of the key reasons I think most bootcamps aren’t worth the time or money spent on them and have developed my semi-private FitCamp approach instead).

Obviously, more personal attention and greater training frequency will get better results, but I genuinely believe that regardless of package, and given the right level of motivation, any of the options above will deliver superior results to anything available on the market today.


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