Enjoy all the benefits of personal training while adding in the esprit de corps of training with friends or family. Semi-Private personal training is my preferred method of working with clients of similar ability because of its inherent supportive and competitive benefits.

As with all my training packages, the following services apply:

-Individual diet assessment and recommendations
-Weekly video coaching – any questions about exercise performance will be answered      with a multi angle video showing what to do and what not to do
-Unlimited email support

Cost wise, it’s a better deal for you. You’ll receive the exact same level of coaching and support as my individual clients, but at a reduced rates. Semi-Private training is available for 2-4 people and is priced as follows:

Option 1: 2 people – The second person receives a 50% discount on my personal training                   rates

Option 2: 3-4 people Everyone receives a 33% discount on the total cost when                               compared with individual training, and an additional 10% is knocked off each                     persons cost when 4 people are training

So, the more people = less money + more enjoyable training. Deal, no?

If a larger group would like to train together (sports teams, social clubs etc), there is a bespoke program design option available, get in touch to discuss further. Alternatively, you may wish to consider one of the group FitCamp programs.


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